Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A page sample from the book...

Some tidbits from the Sterling Seven Museum

Here is the commemorative Corb Keelor card issued in the mid-1970's by O-Pee-Chee.
These are extremely rare now and value at over $200.

Pictured here is a commemorative card from the 1930's celebrating the career of Lionel Laroque, hockey's first goalie ever and one of it's greatest.

Below is a magazine advertisement from the mid 1920's featuring the great Laroque.

Here is a vintage program picturing Patty Finlayson on the cover.

Meet the Sterling Seven

Patty Finlayson
Born in the rural southwest Ontario town of Deep Bend, Patrick Eugene Finlayson is the youngest of five brothers. He proved to be a fine athlete early in life excelling on the school football, lacrosse and british bulldog squads. Finlayson is a fine skater and deft passer and enjoys nothing more than good clean body check. He is married with two young boys, Allistair and Sprague.

Corb Keelor
Corbanius Maxwell Keelor emigrated from Wales with his parents at the age of three. He plays the game in a most gentlemanly manner and is respected throughout the team. As a young boy on the family farm in Ham Hole, Saskatchewan he is reputed to have once milked 36 cows in one hour. Corb is not married.

Wilf Taylor
Wilfred Emmanuel Taylor was born in Crab Leg Cove, Nova Scotia. He began working the railyards of Halifax as a teen and rose to the position of caboose engineer by age 18. He is often descibed as having "silky smooth" skating ability. Taylor enjoys apple pie.

Lionel Laroque
Born in Lac du Vache, Quebec, Lionel Fredrique Laroque is the middle child of 17 siblings. His family operated a maple syrup farm and sold the product worldwide. Lionel took up goaltending as a boy due to his lack of skating ability and fast hands. He is said to be the fastest "tree-tapper" in the family, which led to his lightning quick glove hand. Lionel is a fan of opera music.

Cully Cameron
Cornelius "Cully" Cameron is perhaps the slickest skater on the squad due to his background in barrel-jumping. Cameron, from Oil Mud, Alberta joined a travelling winter show as a young man and wowed audiences across the land with his on-ice trickery. He once cleared 29 barrels before crashing upon landing and fracturing all his limbs. Cameron is an accomplished knitter.

Lester Francis
Hailing from Fowl Neck, British Columbia; Lester Emile Francis is the heart and spirit of the Sterling Seven. He worked on his father's fishing boat from the age of five. Francis is the hardest working player on the team and known for his tireless work on the penalty kill. He is happily married with three daughters, Beatrice, Ethel and Dolores.

Odie Mallone
Odiferus Cyrus Mallone from Flim Flam, Manitoba is the largest member of the squad standing 5'10". He worked as a logger in the mountains of B.C. and learned to skate on the Snakeskin River in his hometown as a child. Mallone is a bachelor and a serious collector of postage stamps.

Charles W. McMurchy III
McMurchy is the financier and owner of the Sterling Seven. He is an executive of the Merchant's Bank of Upper Canada and an avid sportsman.